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Synthetic Winch Line again


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Sorry to bring this topic up again. But for those who are more in the know than me; would you consider the wear in the line pictured in the link as a throw it in the bin job?

Winch rope 1 - sorry bit out of focus as a phone photo.



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Hi All,

That synthetic line looks fine to me!

A bit of fluffing will protect the inner strands of the line without any problems.

If in doubt send me a better quality picture and I will have a closer look.


Andy Thomlinson.


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When we wash sailing ropes in the washing machine, we tie a tea-towl over the hard eye if there is one, i reckon you could do the same with the hook.

Ahh,, someone else that wash the sheets & halyards the same way :D

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Yup, sheets, halyards, even the mooring lines if we're feeling posh... Using old-school laundry bags keeps them all seperate when we wash a couple at a time, saves a bit of untangling.

works wonders on the genoa sheets that get full of salt.

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:lol: mine's in the washing machine now!.......... no powder, just water! :lol:

i used to do that till my mum caught me with the rope in the machine & there was no way she was gonna entertain washing it with the hook wrapped up so did it in a bucket outside with some persil

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