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Interchangability of stub axles?


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Looking for some knowledgable advise.

The hub seal is seeping on my 90's rear axle, a later RR (86 ish) disk brake imperial unit.

Now I know the stub axle is poor so would like to change this too.

Now I could source the same part but what else would fit? Seems there are many part numbers for stub axles but what are the real differences that prevent me using an alternative one. Not bothered about flat or keyway for the lockwashers and AFAIK the bearings/hub nuts haven't changed so what are the options. Could I for example use the metric stub axle of my original 90 drum braked axle?

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There are several different stub axles for the range of Land Rover vehicles.

You will need to take off the old one and check the back of it (bit that ataches to the axle) as there are different profiles, ones from a front axle are generally flat and just bolt on, ones from back axles often have a profile that fits into the axle casing.

Basically if it will fit on it will work with some exceptions. the same goes for the hubs although you may have to change the half shafts from imperial to metric if you change them (different drive flange bolt size) and hubs from a drum braked vehicle won't work on a disc braked vehicle as there is no where to bolt the disc to.

The big change is from 10 spline axlea to 24 spline axles, the later stub axles for the 24 spline axles are shorter and the hub although it uses the same bearings has them closer together hence the thinner drive flanges on later vehicles. You cannot go to far wrong with this as if you mix them up they just won't fit.

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