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Having a few problems with fuel injection

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Hi all,

I am struggling to get my v8 running properly.

It idles ok but even under light acceleration runs very lean and the engine loses all power, pulling over it then runs ok agian.

It is megasquirted (fuel only) so I can see all this happening and it seems to be getting worse.

I think it might be fuel pressure/flow but how can I tell? Or could it be something else?

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Easy way to check the fuel pressure / regulator is to stick an inline filter in the return from the regulator - you should see a good stream of fuel flowing back at idle and when you rev it.

If it's megasquirted have you tried tuning it to stop it going lean, or does it do it no matter what? Is the ignition OK?

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I am getting a decent flow of fuel back to the tank at tickover and if I rev it up. Messing with megasquirt made no difference.

Maybe the ignition is playing up then. I am still running a dizzy, could it be the ignition amplifier? I am planning to go to toothed wheel direct from ms but not right now.

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Remember that what the lambda sensor sees is not always what it seems - V8Bertha's Range was burning oil which clogged the lambda up and showed as running very lean when it wasn't, to give an example. If you have any exhaust leaks it will give a false rich state (air is richer than exhaust gas).

What have you tried with the MS - there are various things that could count as "messing" :P

If you're doing ignition soon I have EDIS8's for sale ;)

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