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Oooo Aaaah - You want to make a Roll Cage

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Hello All,

One thing that comes up over and over again, ......

..........and one subject I get lots of PMs on is 'rollcage' design.

So :

I have taken time out to scan and attatch :

The 'MSA' Rules & Regs re Roll Cages

The 'ARC' Rules & Regs re Roll Cages

OK :)


For what its worth many events such as 'Drive Around Days', and currently 'Challenge Events', and of course green lanning do not have set design standards for Roll Cage design, Some comp events have limited 'cage' requirements - if any -

so you CAN do whatever you want.

However, if you are going to all the time and trouble to build a cage, why not take the advice from the above 2 manuals ?

Frankly it doesn't really matter if you do or do not "like" the 'MSA' or the 'ARC', - both offer similar, and dare I say "exellent" advice, (I have copied both as its easier to understand each in certain areas) re roll cage design.

The ARC (unusually for them) defer to the 'MSA', and most, if not all cage design for the ARC matches the MSA - and for good reason - the designs are very proven in competition (read REAL Big Offs :lol:) over the years, as the best there are = for the design for survival.

So, have a think,.......... read,.......... learn, ..............

.........and then its up to you (or you can ask on LR4x4 for more thoughts and info and help)

These attchements also cover the constant arguement re CDS vs Blue Barrel ( "Gas Pipe" )

and the weights and specs of each, .............

yes CDS is better ..........but no the MSA .................and ARC allow BB in certain criteria

Enjoy !




Nige :)

I'll let this run then .............

Then I will make it Sticky" in 'Tools N Fab' forum,

I have no doubt that as this is a key subject Tony will also pop it into the 'Tech Forum' Index.

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