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Well last week i took the Disco into the garage for a Roadworthy / saftey Certificate. So i could then get a years worth of rego

Now in Queensland you have to do this when you Sell/buy a car and that is it. There is no yearly test , at all nothing, zero.

So in it went and i went to pick it up an hour later. The bloke said to me that it had failed.

The conversation went like this

Oh what on.

well one of your tyres is nackered (bulging at the side wall)

Ahh i siad i have a set of BFG AT 235, 85 r 16 to go on

Oh thats alright then , But also you windscreen has a crack in it

MMM yeah i was hoping to get rego and then claim on the insurance

Ok that sound like a good idea . Heres your roadworthy

So off i went and got the rego. Then on the road at 100kph i found that is has death wobble and the front bushes need repalcing along with the steering damper and front shocks.

Scary really

And they recon the roadworthy is hard :D:D

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In South Australia, there are no regular roadworthy tests ever. Even buying and selling a vehicle will not require a roadworthy inspection, unless it has been out of registration for an extended period, requires an inspection post modification (engine change etc), or is an interstate transfer. However, if it does require an inspection, then it's off to Regency Park (the Transport Dept. inspection facility), and God help you then!!! Nothing...Nothing will be missed. My Defender certainly wouldn't pass and neither would most of the Tdi age Defenders I've ever driven or ridden in.

Interestingly the RAA (our version of the AA) periodically do surveys for the roadworthiness of vehicles in the various states around Australia, some which do require annual inspections, some which don't. They always find that vehicles have less roadworthy faults here than in other states, confounding the critics that keep advocating for some form of annual inspection. :blink:

Paul :)

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In NSW we obviously have a yearly RTA roadworthy check which includes a brake test. The print out has to be presented at the motor registry before registration, yet I've heard of a few that weren't from the vehicle being registered.....

And FWIW, I'm always stopping just around the corner beforehand to wipe down the oil leaks :lol:

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Ali, I got a few real sheds through MOT in the UK as well, NSW has a pretty good system with their annual inspection, and if you have to put your vehicle over the pits they usually go through them pretty well.

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