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Anyone got a hybrid?

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If it was a RRC body on an 88" chassis then the axles would be narrower so they wouldn't. If it was on a 90" chassis then it would be about the same.

If you mean a Series body on RRC or 90 axles then it depends on the wheels, narrowish tyres on standard 90 rims are just about ok with standard Series bodywork, wider wheels (or those with more offset) will need eyebrows.

I have wolf rims and a set of Defender arches look just right.

edited to add that I have 90 / RRC axles under SIIA bodywork.

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mild restoration only, one day I really am going to enter petal in for a concours competition just for the hell of it

I dont think you will have any probs with a series body and rangie axles, Fridges 109 with C303 axles and 9x16's is only 1 1/2" wider each side than the bodywork

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I think they can stick out quite far.

My Uncle has a Series 3 on stock Series axles running 235/85 Bronco Dirt Devils on a 7j 8 spoke and they just stick out the standard series 3 arches.

A narrower tyre and/or standard rims would be fine. But on RR axles it would certainly be more of an issue.

This is my friends 88" coiler built on a Range Rover chassis (and axles) and they would stick well beyond the standard Series II bodywork so it def needs the wheel arch flares.



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wow, are you planning any mods at all for that yellow car Dolly?

I heard he was going to make it fully extreme by fitting Rover axles, 35" Simex and a couple of electric kettles 8274's, after all it looks a bit gay at the moment :lol:

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Skid marks you say!!

Could not possibly comment, other than to say at the price of these tyres, skid marks are not an option.


What else is going through that space between your ears?

Andy Thomlinson

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If so could you please tell me by how much the tyres stick out?


A 90/110/defender is basically a series III on range rover axles. LR stuck those eyebrows on to cover the wheels.

If you have a look at a few defender type models some only stick an inch or so from the metal (ignoring the eyebrows), others obviously a little bit more!

Edited to say if you have series I bodywork like mine then the mods would have to be a little more drastic.

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Sorry that should be with 90/88 bodywork.......bad day at work!

That's what I guessed you meant.

It'll look like this with Wolf rims then.


and like this with standard Defender rims


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