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O/T - Why you should drive a Land Rover.

Les Henson

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I reversed round a tight bend in an alley last night, and as I did so there was a scraping noise from the corner of my car. Thinking that I had just grazed the bumper on the telegraph pole, I drove off. Then I thought I had best check to see if everything was ok. Bluddy crappy plastic rubbish cars get damaged at the slightest thing. If this had been a L/R it would probably just have taken. a bit of paint off. That's about £300-worth of damage! :angry:


And Nige - before you ask, you can't have the horn :angry:


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One reason I wish I was driving a Landrover this afternoon is to teach the pillock a lesson who pulled up on my right at traffic lights and turned left right in front of me. His shiny ford would have looked nice squashed between me an artic!

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About 25 years ago a friend was driving his S2A when a car (an Austin Maxi I think) drifted over into his lane. My friend blew his horn but he kept on coming. Just as he made contact, my friend gently steered into him and applied the brakes. It completely removed the rear wing of the other car and made a few scuffmarks on the Landy's bumper... :D One-nil I think...

We also hit a cow head-on in India in the same truck which trashed the wing and headlight. The cow just looked at us, shook it's head and then slowly walked away. One-all... :blush:

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