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He cant be trusted with anything


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Is Lardy the first person to break a brand new 2007 defender ??

At a test drive on Eastnor Castles tracks yesterday , Lardy made sure he left plenty of distance between us and the convoy car in front , The reason for this was so he could give it a propper Nailing , Which he did , The first stretch of water was sent airbourne over the roof which resulted in the Alternator light to come on and stay on , After wiping the windscreen we discovered a dirty gert stone chip smack bang in the middle of the heated front screen , And god knows what he did to the steering , It kept locking up and going stiff as hell to turn,

And I must appolagise to the people who took it out after us , As we always insist on driving with the windows down when off roading . But then mud wipes off leather quite easily I guess. :huh:






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