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LT230 Casting Imperfections


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Oh dear, while cleaning the parts ready to assemble when I have the bell housing and gearbox mounts made, I found that the intermediate gear has a casting imperfection:


It would seem that during service the imperfection has come out and allowed a portion above one of the roller bearings to become proud. The thrust washers have done a good job of polishing the outer face flat, but I'm cautious of the fact that this blister may proceed further.

So, as this is a 14D suffix A 1.003 LT230R box, as it seems to have couped with life so far, should I just fit it and forget it. Or as there is the potential it can still blister further and take the thrust washer out (which can no longer be sourced, I purchased the last two in the country!), should I source a new old stock item

Bugger :unsure:

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I would have thought all genuine Landrover gears were cut from one piece forgings, not cast. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way nowadays of course . I work in the field of heavy duty truck transmissions and differential overhaul, and many high stress components are investment cast and give good service life. But there is indeed something very odd about your intermediate gear that I would be interested in knowing the method of manufacture. Could it be an aftermarket gear in which the 3 gears are electron beam welded together, and the half moon shape is some form of key drive?


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yep my bad, meant forging rather than casting, problem of running around sorting bits out yesterday and not sitting down and engaging brain before typing ;)

There are no obvious signs of welding, seems to be a one piece forging that has been machined on all faces.

The local LR place has a RRC in with a 1.003 box, wonder how much they would charge for the gear :unsure:

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