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Winch Current

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The husky has a 4.2hp motor on it, which is effectively 3.132Kw. If your battery could keep on supplying 12 volts, this would be 261 amps. Unfortunately, no battery that you could carry in a vehicle could do that. A good battery will drop to around 7.5 volts under full load. That would relate to 417 amps. The Superwinch website gives a value of 405 amps, so I guess that the calcs are about right.

Superwinch Husky

Of course, that is at full load, without being stalled. I would want to make sure that my wiring could cope with quite a bit more than that for short times. I used the thickest multistrand cable that vehicle wiring products sell, and it still gets somewhat warm to the touch after heavy winching.

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(steve b @ May 14 2007, 12:54 PM) for a 400a draw from a winch you could also use industrial welder earth cable......might even be more suited to the application...you maybe winching for several minutes


Yup welding cable is ideal for the job. Very flexiable & cheap. Also the X-eng split charge is a good buy. ;)

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