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adjustable pedals

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In the course of our projects we often find that no production pedal box is available to suit. This is our solution with the added benefit of side to side adjustment for the fat - or thin - footed.


It is cheap and simple to build, and strong enough to hang an engine on without snapping. - It was a slow day, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Please bear in mind that the materials used in this demo are out of the scrap bin before you read on so no carping about the crappy old bits of junk!

You can scale this up or down with the tubing and bolt sizes according to whether you are building a Kart, sandrail, or a series clutch....

First cut the tube


Fit the nuts to tube ends


Screw bolt through assembly before tacking up to ensure it turns freely, then mask the threads against spatter


Tack it and check it still turns


Cut yourself the pedal leg to a length and angle to suit, and remember that floor mounted pedals have different angles than hung pedals.


Weld to pivot


For the linkage point, in this case an old drop plate was cut up and reused though normally either a bracket would be fabbed or a flat bar used for the pedal leg with holes drilled to accept a pushrod and yoke.


Weld on your bracket - in this case to carry a spherical bearing, "rosejoint"



The remains of the drop plate was shaped in the press and welded to form the foot pad



Angle iron mounts drilled for bolt, please note where it says "tack to bolt", that refers to the nuts NOT the brackets


Fit together tacking the nuts to the bolt where shown, or drill for rollpins if preferred.


The bolt should be a snug fit on the mounts with virtually no shake.

When you build a whole pedal box use one main plate to carry all pedals. The central pedal being NON adjustable leaves space for adjustable items either side.

The adjustment is achieved by simply turning the bolt which moves the pedal to the left or right.



So what's the point?

None if you are going to be the only driver, but if, as in our case, the vehicle is going to be useD by grown men, and young people of both sexes and various sizes and shapes then it can be very useful indeed.

In addition it is an easy matter to vary the linkage point or incorporate balance bars for dual master braking systems.

And unlike this demo version - DONT FORGET TO WELD UP THE TACKS.

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Looks good - simple and effective!

Out of interest, in:

In the course of our projects we

Who are 'we'?

I like what you've said in 'interests' in your profile! Very akin to my thinking!


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