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National Power Steering, any good?

Les Henson

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Yes, not good though, I fitted a replacement 3 to a customers 110 with excessively leak box. The first one leaked a little bit less than the box it replaced. The second one had been mis assembled and had had the main shaft out by enough to give a redicolous amount of right hand lock and barely any left hand lock. The third one seemed OK.

From memory they did a standard and "gold top" box, the gold tops were not that much cheaper than a genuine Land Rover one.

We never used them again. The genuine ones are built/rebuilt at adwest which is about 3 miles from me. I don't know if they offer private work.



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I have a 6 Bolt Gemma Box supplied by National Power Steering, through Paddocks.

I got one complete with drop arm as I didn't want to risk damaging my exchange trying to remove it.

NPS clearly state exchanges should show no signs of abuse i.e hammer marks, mine was near mint in this respect (only leaking).

Turned up poorly packaged, the drop arms top face hammered hard along it entire length and generally a lot of dents around unit. :angry:

Phoned them (Stuart) and was told it would work fine, if not they would replace.

So I fitted and bleed it, there was a great deal of free play. :angry: So I phoned them back and was told to adjust as they were unable to replicate these forces during reconditioning. :o

End result is, box seems OK (it still has a very small amount of play at the wheel- all joints are new) but dose not leak.

I think I would look around for a new unit next time or buy a manufactures reconditioned unit if it were available.


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Again, Adwest gets my vote!

I've had several 'recon' boxes in the past which were just cleaned and painted with no attempt to fix the seals or play. the Adwest one is perfect and outwardly looked like it had a new sector shaft fitted. It was also very good value IMHO.


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