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cross member and G'box mounts


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OK, maybe a simpleton question but i'm gonna ask it.

im fitting a 200tdi with gearbox and t case from a early disco to my RRC that did have a BW trans case. which type of gearbox mounts should i use? the single mid mount as on the disco that mounts to the crossmember or the pair of mounts as used on the BW t case that mount to the chassis and put the cross member in the forward position?

i have looked at other conversions and none of them are the same!! which is best? i have the complete disco for donor parts.

Once i sussed that, can the gearbox and engine be put back into the chassis whilst bolted together? seems easier than tyring to mate up underneath?



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Someone who knows a bit more about the engineering side may have views on which is the better solution and why, but having worked on both (RR and 300Tdi disco) I'd say go for whichever one you have the best bits for. From a practical point of view the version that doesn't mount on the crossmember makes it slightly easier to remove the crossmember, but I'd only bother about that if there's nothing else to call it on.

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