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Has anyone intercooled a TD engine?

Is it worth the trouble

Does it make any difference?

Does it cause the engine any harm?

I have often wondered, what difference it would make. The principal is simple enough. cool the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine.

I would do it if it would make a differance.

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I intercooled my old TD and found that it went a bit better (I did not alter the fueling but did up the boost a little). Fitting an intercooler will not damage the engine (as long as the fueling and boost are not majorly altered) and it has been said that it could actually help reduce thermal shock to the engine. Which should help it last longer.



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Assuming you mean the older 2.5 Diesel Turbo engine fitted to the Ninety's and such.

Yes an intercooler will lower IAT (Intake Air Temps) which should promote more power. However the volume of the intercooler will also lower the boost seen in the intake manifold so you''d probably need to up the boost to compensate. Best way to do this is to tap the the intake manifold and run a boost gage direct off of it (not off the turbo). This way you can monitor boost before the intercooler and ensure the boost is correct after.

You may need to alter the fueling aswell, as cooler air is more dense it will have a greater O2 content meaning you A/F (Air Fuel) ratio may be trown out.

I suspect that all of these issues would be minor but for the sake of not wanting to blow the engine I think its worth checking.

The only real consideration to remember is that these engines where never built as performance powerhouses so what other adverse affects may arise from making more power/toqrue I don't know.

I guess the cheapeast option for a reliable power increase would be to convert it to a 200TDI. I bought an engine last year off of Ebay for £475. And being as it has no electronics should be a fairly simple swap.

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I wouldn't alter the fuelling if I was you. The TD engine is prone to heat stress which causes the pistons to crack. The benefit of fitting an intercooler is to prevent heat stress problems and if you increase the fuelling you are bringing the problem back perhaps. If you want more power then fit a 200TDi engine. I have put a rebuilt TD engine in catflap and have fitted an intercooler in front of the radiator.


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