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OT: Anyone up Newcastle Upon Tyne way

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I've seen a couple of car panels (outer wing and bumper) on Ebay I could use but the guy wants £40 postage per panel which is a bit OTT. Anyone up that way fancy picking them up for me if I win them? What are the chances of sorting a forum relay down south?

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I can do Sheffield/S****horpe to yours, if that helps things along.

edit: Naughty-word filter is 100% operational!!

S****horpe's bad but really not that bad.....

Another edit..... well that's a bit pathetic to be honest surely in this day and age there must be a way of getting the filter to discriminate between the actual word and a word that contains the same sequence of letters within......

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I live up here (newcastle)

I can collect them & ..............lets think....

In two weeks I'm driving down to the channel tunnel (in the middle of the night though)

I travel to sheffield once in a while, but not till july I'm afraid...

I'm in Leeds on the 18/19/20 July..

I'm in barrow in furness tomorrow night.....if someone can collect them from me then, I can collect them tommorrow if the buyer will sell them quick....

Failing that, I have a large garage and I'm not a thieving scrote...so I can happily store them until other arrangement are made...

just thought....I could collect & store until start of july "ish", I'll be back from france then and probably visiting relatives in Lincoln - not far from Gainsbrough. Can meet with Luke ?

Let me know if need be.


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