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Can i fit NAS Reverse+Fog lamps?

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As title says, I need new lamps and like the look of the round NAS ones eg Here and Here. I don't want to buy them if you can't make them fit obviously, although my current ones look like they have been bodged in already. I have a '96 300tdi on an N plate....

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Did the the rear fog and reverse on mine a year ago, great improvment, much brighter!

However didnt realise the plugs were different...so just soldered direct to the lamp fittings.....quick fix

...not had to change a bulb yet though :blink:

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"the plugs for the lamps are on Ebay as are the lamps.

I got the plugs from ebay and the lamps from Bearmach

£20 all in for both lamps"

They are cheaper than that now. Lamps £5 each, plinth £2 and connector £1.60, just shop around.

When I bought mine about 7-years ago you could only get them as a genuine part from LR but even them the lamp & plinth were still only about £11 but the connectors were not available separately so I had to source them myself. Much easier now!

I have just had to replace some of mine as sitting in the afternoon sun for the past 7-years has caused the front ones to craze & discolour but with replacements now so cheap it isn't a problem. Decided to fit white front indicators with amber bulbs, works very well and gives the front end a more modern look.

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