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Photo's from the Mike Wolfe Challenge

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I had to leave before the end but managed to get a few photos from around the site.

All are now uploaded for your viewing pleasure :rolleyes:

Looked like a fantastic event to compete in, even if it was a little warm and dry!

If anyone wants any hi-res copies of photos of themselves, PM me and I'll send them out via email

Files are pretty large so please don't be too greedy :D

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nice to see the tape was respected then!!!!

someone break some tape then............... :rolleyes:

what a cracking day.... didnt break much but a few dents were collected :) oh and painted some trees :lol:

my first ever challenge and what a learning curve that was..

I even like the dents :D

Anyone got any more pic's?

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well done Adrian, and Richard and an even bigger WELL DONE to Pigster and Nick (the winch biatch's got no mention!) ((team event))

Thank's Chris :) .......... see you at the next awdc round matey! :lol:

nice to see the tape was respected then!!!!

The tape at the punch's we did was ok! And any that we (accidentally) broke we re-tied!!!! Yes i no it's always going to be a problem! some just don't care! :angry:

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you sort the issue with the plasma breaking Lawrence?

Still dont know why.... first hour saw 2x break to rear 9.5mm and 1 break to front 11mm Brand new. at that stage they had not been pulled through any dirt.

my team mate (again in first hour) motor wanted to die (just found out) it seem to be fuel pick up in tank. And his front winch did die. but we found the exra work quit good fun. just meant that we only got 4 punches pre lunch. and at lunch I learnt to splice a plasma so will be better prepaired next time.

with daves motor fkd we still got almost 15k so we feel we held our head above water.

just got to work out what was cutting the plasma :angry:


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Here are a few I have so far

The pics showing 4x4 at the top of the hill - they had to winch up - backwards !



Dominic Brione and Paul Bass Team 13 "Depth Testing" :)




This held them for quite a while, and Paul then blew his rear diff trying to get Dominic Out...


Nice bit of team work pulling top 4x4 to punch







Nice piece of tech winching on Team 7 "Hard" section too :)


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Hiya TD90

Ta for the pics, can you PM me you Mobile again lost it :lol:

Welcome ..........and have you fitted that axle yet ?



PM me your address and I'll get a dvd in the post



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