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S1 brake master cylinder

Lars L

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I've been engaged in finding a repair kit for the brake master on a 1953 Series 1. The owner is an old guy, well over 80, so I just couldn't say no and promised that I should order a kit from Craddock.

The cylinder was already in pieces and I can't really see how it should work. Is there someone out here that could post a drawing and/or explain a bit?

Another "fixer" has also been involved previously and he says that when applying air pressure, nothing bled out from the wheel cylinders. Which makes me wonder why. :huh:

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The S1 brake master cylinder is mounted on the chassis rail close to the fuel tank. A rod comes off a pivot point from the pedal and pushes the piston. The reservoir is mounted on a bracket close by on top of the chassis rail and is connected to the master by a 1/4" dia pipe. I have a S1 workshop and parts manual, also James Taylors 'Original Series 1' book.


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Since "the real thing" isn't that important, he has already made a mess of the S1 by using lots of modern parts, do you think that a master for an early SII could be made to fit? They sure look the same but there could be some difference in the mounting flange or something else making it a no go.

As been said, the pipe dimensions might be different, but I'm sure that can be fixed.

Or am I jumping to conclusions again? :huh:

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The S1 has a three bolt fitting and the most common conversion is to a two bolt. You need to make an adapter plate, remember, these are the brakes, so make it strong. Then you need to make the operating rod longer, (you might have enough adjustment on the thread to do this) the rest is just plumbing.


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