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Oil in radiator


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Hi all

I have oil in my radiator but no water in oil its a 1992 RRC 3.9 with gas conversion

first thought could be head gasket but some one said somit abt the oil cooler that goes into the rad

and to top it off i now have a leak in the top of the rad somewhere

question is if its the oil cooler how do i sort it so the oil stops going into my water

or is it possable to blanks the pipes off going to the radiator or do i need the oil cooler.

And does anybody know whats the best way to flush all that brown mush now in my radiator

Thanks in advance

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Radweld/Bars Leaks or similar might sort the coolant leak, but I don't think they'll stop the oil leaking into the coolant as I'm pretty sure they're air activated. Sounds like time for a new rad or a recore :(

You can disconnect the oil cooler by removing the collar between the oil pump and filter. I'm not sure how risky that is - 3.5s don't have it, but I doubt Land Rover added it without a good reason.

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Thanks for the reply

looks like ill have to get another radiator

think you may be right abt the oil cooler just me being lazy as i have a rad on my 82 RRC thats getting stripped with out the pipes going to it ;)

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Hi mate,

Just changed the rad on mine as it was overheating! Mine is a 1991 3.9 auto (so it has two oil coolers - engine and auto). Their are a number of different types of rads for the RRC but mine was the most expensive :( I called a few places for prices and found the rads quite expensive. The two cheapest places I found were a place in Bradford which worked out about £162.50 (including vat) plus £11.75 for delivery. The other one was in Preston but was slightly more expensive.

I fitted a new rad as mine had been overheating to the extent that I blew the head gasket (now that kinda cheesed me off!). I took the thermostat out and it was still overheating. After speaking to numerous people I got the impression that rads don’t last that long (one guy even said two years!!!) and when they go they look OK on the outside but on the inside they ain't good! When I took the old one off, the side facing the engine was quite solid (just the bottom two rows were a bit flaky) but the side facing the air con rad turned to dust when you touched it.

When I first started it after fitting I thought I had broken the temperature sender as it was not registering any temperature on the gauge! I was going to buy a new sender but fitted the thermostat first - solved the problem :D It may be that when I changed the thermostat I took off the connections to the temperature sensor thus creating a better connection when I put them back on, but it looks more likely that the rad is that much better that it did not let it get that hot!

Good luck with yours - If you want the telephone numbers of the rad places let me know!



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Thanks for the info Mick

bit ive desided to buy a separate oil cooler and fit my other radiator without cooler in it

so will see how it goes when i fit it them both

a bit of fabrication at the weekend me thinks ;)

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