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Land Rover Dimension

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Thanks Nige.

It seems to have every dimension bar the one i was wondering about.

Still, interesting read, it seems i have a bed that is fractionally shorter than a 130 double cabs, as mine is 1500mm(give or take).

For what i was trying to work out i will go with SteveG's.

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For what i was trying to work out regarding spare wheel location, best use of space, and fitting the newly acquired bargain ex Mitsi ally bed cover it does what i needed.

It has allowed me to work out an idea using abit of maths!

Was bored at work of doing reports so asked for the size for a 'break'.

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fair enough, just thought it best to check if it may have had a bearing.

Knowing LR they could well have altered it mid production run anyway - maybe to save a little ally to make saucepans or something ;)

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