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Good luck to the forum Ladoga entrants

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Best of luck guys, Im not jealous at all.


your torque be plentifull

Your brake horse power reliable

Your Winches remarkable

Your tyres unquestionable

Your electrics constant

Your bodies capable

Only one questionable on that list :ph34r:

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and may the Deet never run out :lol:

do hobnobs go with vodka??

happy trails to all the teams going from the UK- was it Paul Mc Cleary doing support for another UK team?

yeah we're collectively not jealous at all.......


Steveb just seen Jez's list... Have fun Dirty Diesel & MrsDD

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Not a word about Ladoga on any of the other 4x4 websites - wonder who else is going? By this time last year there was a long thread on Difflock and even mention on Devon.

Maybe LR4x4 has become the "extreme" off road website ?? ;):D

Go for it boys, just getting there is an achievement :i-m_so_happy:

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yup they are coming here, i meet them at ferry port next tuesday mornig. On the downside am going to mis the feast that is fish on the ferry. But this year i am merely hanger on and musical input. my lass wants to make food though but i think she may have to compete with Mrs Sihvonen. 6am eek oh well time for a quick nap after work.

Paul mac and Andy B are meant to be coming yes one of the other guys on the forum says he spoke with Andy at the weekend and they were still coming? I assume Robb Pritchard will be around but no news on Differs of him...

In a stroke of divine luck my father found my leatherman today so its being shipped out. was almost buying a new one as couldnt face the trip without it!!

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do hobnobs go with vodka??

Hobnobs go with everything! :D ...as does Vodka :ph34r:

I would wish you luck guys, but with your determination you don't need it :) Stay safe.

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UK crew

Tr1 - Range Rover Tdi

Mrs Dan - Driving

Dan aka DirtyDiesel - bitching

(domestic bliss?)

Proto Class (aka Tr4) - Small Yellow runaround


Tr1 Tech

John U aka Fridgefreezer (and yes the 109 is running and driving around the farm at this minute!!)

Translations/peacemaker/fightstarter/super organiser

The unstoppable Mrs Jez

The finest bush fabricators known to man (and after last year with a serious sized Russian fan club to)

Vince "where dem Russian chicks at" Bull

The Welding Stig - apparently he will be making his own way via meditation and needs no passport..

we head for the land of bad moustaches and great porn Holland to hook up with the Dutch national hill climbing champion (we crowned him that in a Russia TV interview a couple of years ago)

Dutch Crew

Tourist Class - Mitsubishi Pajero V6

Benny "The brick wall" Schultern - Driving

Leo "the almighty hairball" Barnard - Bitching

(looking forward to a wheelbarrow bar-b-q and Gerdas cooking :) )

Then to Finland to meet..

The Finnish Crew

Team Guv'nor Kari Tannijarvi - what he says goes, he da man, Volvo Laplander

Finland 1 Rejo Sihvonen, TGB 6x6 workshop

Finland 2 The ever fragrant Sepo, TGB 6x6 mobile bar/mystery bus

Proto Bitch Kim "I am tiny Finnish stupid man" Nikolajeff

Proto Tech Hari "Potter" Leinonen, "Chilli" Villi Monkare (providing he hasnt blown himself up yet), all crammed into another Laplander

Honorary Englishman - team photographer, resident DJ Jimmy Skirt monkey aka CosZuki, with mysterious Mila

Food Factory Mrs Sihvonen - developed in a secret government research project that went rogue she is possibly the most fearsome "in bush" cooking machine ever developed

Sadly our Tr3 crew (Tapio and Gayboy) cant race this time as Gayboy has been posted to somewhere nasty, he keeps telling us its dangerous but he's more than likely just sleeping in a warehouse somewhere..... hope you're reading this Kari.. :lol:

Then the motley crew face the fun and games of getting through the Russian Border.... yay <_<

At some stage we will hook up with Andre the Giant in St Petersberg who even with a leg in plaster will be having a go at Ladoga for the umpteenth time - the guy has pods like churchbells :ph34r:

Then we meet up with the

Hungarian Land Rover Mafia

Pali, Gabor and Duck

Sadly these guys spent 6 months living in hell building thier Tr3 class racer only to have thier hopes dashed because of a "slight delay" by a UK offroad parts supplier..... <_< ...but rather than just give up and stay at home the lads are frantically trying to build a tourist car in time to race :i-m_so_happy:

The Finnish In-Team mob will catch up with us probably around the second camp bringing necessaties like their camping Sauna (seriously! :huh: ) and hopefully some more moose mmm :)

We should be at registration and scrutineering a week this thursday, nerves and last minute prep commence on Friday........ not a lot of sleep that night... :unsure:

kick off on Saturday, 10000 spectators, loud music, TV cameras all over the place, St Isaacs square, total lunacy, over 200 teams (1000 people in camp) go for a high speed sprint out of St P and head for stage 1, its downhill from there on out :)

Without the Forums support we would have been in deep stuff without any form of paddle - for that there is a masssssssssssssssssssssssssive thankyou :i-m_so_happy: - we're not pothunters, we're not experts (it seems only Mrs Dan has any driving talent which is a big plus this year), we dont make a living from it, we are up against teams with seriously big budgets armed with machinery we cant even hope to emulate (we are so many years behind them it scary), our cars are built in sheds by a team of dedicated halfwits with sleep deficiencies operating on a miniscule budget thats supplimented by charity and favours bartered in half a dozen countries.

Not that the crew is under any pressure to perform of course..:lol::lol:.. but please remember this is a vehicle killing nasty business and unlike a lot of the sterile world people die taking part in this competition - we're not going to win, surviving is a major achievement but we will give it our best shot and we are still the only kids dumb enough to give it a go.

Only three words to add really....

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!! B)

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Hi all!

You are speaking well Jez :rolleyes:

The famous british company didn't want to see our team between the competitors...

No problem ;) we are going to be there :)

30th, wednesday we will drink the russian vodka in St. Petersburg :lol:

and we will staying at the all hotel rooms...

Have a nice route, see you soon somewhere, somewhen.


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I remember finding you and Gabor with 17kms to go in a stage having to winch the car the entire way and you wouldnt give up then - I know we will see you in St Petersberg :)

maybe they were too busy counting thier money to care about customers :lol: either way - we drive :)

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(and yes the 109 is running and driving around the farm at this minute!!)


One day George and I'll be there B)

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