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Slightpull to the right when breaking from 50 mph or higher....

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The simple answer may be to just slow down....

New disks, pads, calipers on the front less than 2k miles ago.

At the same time rear shoes were replaced. (Slave cylinders not leaking.)


Under breaking at relatively low speeds the car stays straight...

If you touch the brakes at 50 or higher, it drifts right, can be corrected and once settled in the corrected position (Wheel slightly off centre to left) you can brake hard and no further pull to the right happens !

I'm "fairly" confident it's not brakes.. Rears adjusted up the weekend by Western (Thanks Ralph) but I will bleed the system through again this week.

Suspension recently updated on the front too... OEM 110 Heavy Duty springs, new shocks etc. all on a few weeks ago. (Thanks to Steve G for the assistance there..)

Rear shocks and springs done a few months back.

So I start thinking... Bushes ! I've had a few Panhard bushes go in the last 6 months so I'm guessing something needs attention on the front axle...

Took a look under the front this evening and saw the following;

Drivers side (Off-side)



Passenger side



Passenger side looks shot but I can't see how this would make me drift right... I would have thought a pull left as the axle settles back under breaking on the near-side...

Any views, suggestions please people....

Is it time to re-bush the whole front end ?

Thanks in advance


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I should have had a look while you were here, that one looks dead to me, reckon it's time for

4 x new bushes NTC7307

4 x bolts [if damaged] BH610281L

4 x nyloc nuts NY610041

the bolts/nuts are 5/8UNF

more expense :D

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And these are gonna need some pressing in and out aren't they !! :(

Is it wise to do the rear bushes as well ? NRC4514 ?

Hey.. Money, what's the problem.. It grows on trees you know !!

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Check the rear axle lower arm bushes front and rear ………. Play in these will give you rear steer under braking …………

Yes, the hockey stick bushes are toast ………. a press is useful but it can be easily done without ………..

Also check the panhard rod bushes as these can give very strange results if worn…..

Also check the front wheel bearings for abnormal play.................



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All detail taken on board and then I thought....... This is a lot of checking... And a lot for me to completely screw up ! :)

So, now all booked in for someone who knows Land Rovers to get the 110 assessed and potentially sorted out !

I've explained the situation, passed on your suggestions and they said that all the suggestions were areas they would have checked...

Radius arm bushes will be done and the rest checked before we do any more...

Now to see what is really wrong.....

Once again, the Forums are a bonus !!

Thanks again


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Radius arm bushes replaced... Worst they had ever seen apparently. Fell apart when un-bolted ! :) (Fame at last..)

One shim taken out of the nearside swivel joint and now all is tight and dandy..... Oh and the 110 stops in a straight line ! :)

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