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She is running like a dream... at 2,000+ rpm


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YIPEE... :i-m_so_happy::i-m_so_happy:

I have posted this in RR forum as likely to be more efi people here. As background, I have just put a 3.9 with flapper (recon. engine, legacy efi) into my 110.

After a bit of troubleshooting, she now starts absolutely on the button and runs very smoothly but at around 2-3,000 rpm :blink: (cannot be precise on this as I only have half an exhaust and I bottle out very quickly!). It doesn't hunt, just holds highish revs - remarkably stable.

Before I go and investigate I would like to make sure I have all the bases covered for this fast idle. So can I run some possiblities by you:

1) Throttle potentiometer - to check correct voltage.

2) Would AFM send incorrect flap open signal? Are there any tests for this?

3) The guy who had it before me in his rangie had trouble running on petrol (it has lpg injection as well), which I am pretty sure was down to the loom which I have now rebuilt, and the top of the AFM had been removed at some stage. Could a garage have messed about with this when trying to fix the problem before and caused the problem - I seem to recall there being an idle screw setting in it, if so where is it and what does it look like?

Any other suggestions welcome please - then I can see if she moves!!


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OK sorted now thanks.

Was getting 1600mv from the throttle potentiometer and found I had to turn it rather a long way to get down to 325. Thinks... we removed the cable bracket to remove from donor... let's have a look.

Butterfly was not closing fully and would appear I did not put the bracket back on quite right :blush: - throttle stopped in the wrong place!!

Now she purrs beautifully.

I noticed that the temperature guage whizzed up to the red before the thermostat opened. Is the RR temperature sender ('89 3.5 efi) different to a V8 Defender? If so, can I just swap them over i.e threads the same etc. I appreciate that they are both fairly fictional readings, but I would prefer one closer to the truth.

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