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Friday trivia Question

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There is a part on the new Defender that is shared with the Series One, same part No from 1948 to 2007.

What is it?

Will ;)

Cleat for the tilt - Part number 301328

and handed out at the Eastnor launch as a key ring ;)

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Just looked in the comics and

" the retainer was introduced from late spring 1949, when it was found that the earlier staples ( Pt no 300924, subsequently RRC 3966) and hood design didn't hold the hood tight and flat.

So to be picky it hasn't been in fitment since day 1.

Will Address on way but if it's a subscription to L*E. No thanks. But would trade that for a cake sample :D :D :D

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Right, who has a parts book? I want to know the part numbers of diff shims now... :P


there's lots of part numbers for these & I'm not staying awake to type them all in, where's your EPC disks ??? thought I made a set for you sometime ago.

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The swivel housing drain/fill plug (i forget which) has had the same part number throughout series/defender production despite being changed from imperial to metric size, though the thread remains the same, does that count?

Out of curiousity, when did they start using the current prop-shaft bolts, as every series or defender I've worked has had the same ones

Lewis :)

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Don't steal my victory from underneath me. It's not often I'm right and to get there before Ralph is fairly good I'd say.

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