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Adios TD5 LR90


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Hi All, remember me and the trials and tribulations of my 1999 TD5 with a 2002 engine smoking etc etc...

Well we have now parted company having suffered almost irrepairable damage to my love of the Land Rover.

Anyway the LR has been sold to an unsuspecting self appointed LR expert who thinks he can tame the beast and cure the latest batch of problems.

Just so you know TD5 engines and management systems are not:-

Suitable for a lot of dusty conditions (refer to small print in owners manual)

Suitable for deep wading or sticky muddy conditions (refer to smaller print in owners handbook)

Possible to repair unless in a multi million pound franchise dealership

Reliable to go anywhere solo!!!!

Designed to run without any of their sensors, so why put them in stupid places and not waterproof them ie throttle potentionemeter, which will stop functioning if dusty damp wet or goes over bumps too fast! Used too often slightyly offset or not bolted down with exactly the right torque! MY has had 3 replacements.... I think I drove it with muddy boots once !

ECU compatible ie it is placed in a leaky "metal container" which willingly lets water in but not out! Yes i did try to seal it, and no I did not want it on the roof.


etc getting bored now.

I bought the LR because I need to access the mountains and Countryside around the inland Costa BLanca, so it was well set up; lifted, intercooler uprated, EGR finally blanked, snorkel, peformance air filter, etc etc....

Anyway that has vented my frustration with how LR apparently make a fantastic engine ie the TD5 Storm then run it with sinclair C5 electrics and sensors?

I am now saving up for another 4x4 not sure what yet, lost a few grand on the TD5, but may even look at a new one with the FORD ENGINE IN IT.

Thanks for all the help originally with the problems and I will be back.

Hasta Luego

TD5Spain ;););)

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I'm not sure it is possible to judge an entire product run based on just one example but you do seem to have had your share of problems. Good luck with your new vehicle.

Quite right

I have tried loads of Td5s and I hated all of them :lol:

It is fair to say that you get good ones and bad ones, good ones can go for years with no bother, bad ones you should sell at the earliest opportunity before it empties your wallet...

I would take Tony's advice and get a late Tdi Defender, if it doesn't go fast enough for you then you can swap in a new 2.8 TGV which has more power and torque than the new 2.4 Ford engine but can still be fixed with a hammer and some baler twine, plus there will be enough change left over to add other bits as required :)

Putting electricity in a vehicle that leaks was always going to end in tears :rolleyes:

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Guest diesel_jim

I'd go for a late model 300Tdi, or even a Td5 and retrofit a 2.5 or better, a 2.8tdi into it.

although my 110 has just "gone", and i've now got a shogun SWB 4work van, 3.2 diesel, and it pulls like a train! only got 500 miles on it so far, but just did 170 miles today back from Wales and it was a dream to be able to drive at 80mph, in 5th, uphill,put your right foot down and still accelerate!! *

* on private land, of course. :rolleyes:

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