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Laning Days ...where Are They?

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Hi there,

Our next greenlane day is the 18th of September, meeting at northbound Sutton Scotney services... There's not so many this month as lots of people are on holidays, etc.. and the turnout's are usually carp.. Craig Holland is the greenlanes officer- 07793113306

BUT there's a few of us who regularly go out all over: Alton, Petersfield, Salisbury, etc.. so give us a call when you get bored...

Dave White- 07974202742


Solent & District LRC :D

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now I am totally confused, you are a raider and there is a rebel too. Why did I have to ask. Is rebel that Mickey chap then, the short one with the elvis hair. Now I get it, tombraider of course, your little grey 90. How thick am I. Dont answer that. I believe that Mickey is your other half isnt he? I did not mean to say you were fat by the way, I just meant short and kind of stout.

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Sado, it would be very helpful to other fourm readers if you filled in your profile.

if you wish to engage in personal chat, it is recommended that you use private e mail addresses.as personal chat is'nt really what other forum users really want to read.

Hope this helps. :)

P.S. dont mind calling me fat, others do!(including myself)

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sorry, I didnt know you were a moderator . I was only trying to aquaint myself here. There are many here who know me, and I was told you might be an interesting person to talk to. I have been told a few things about your past history with clubs and thought you might be in a position to offer some REAL advice about who and where to join and why. I have enquired extensively and your names came up several times, it seems you have been in loads of clubs, but if you choose not to share your experiences thats ok.

As to the greenlaning, isnt it bad PR to have a whole convoy of club trucks ripping up a lane, twos and threes is better surely, and less intimidating for the poor little ramblers.

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As i have told you on another thread, if you want to join a club/greenlane etc, the club i would suggest is the SHIRE landrover club.

Their contact details can be found on their website: www.slrc.com

The Chairmans name is Dan Wallace, and their greenlane officer is:Mike Brown (ref your question on numbers of trucks and greenlaning)

You are correct i am not a moderator, i mearely point out the conditions asked of us users by the moderators.

Hope this helps? :)

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