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Para/Strip Down Spec 90 - what is the difference


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Can anyone tell me what the spec of a Para/Strip Down Spec 90 would be?

I see that the rear tub has a 'cut out' that could be removed (aparrently for stacking?) but not come accross them before...

Suggestions please for other mods/differences?

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Guest diesel_jim

I remember an atricle in LRO years back that had the stripped down pathfinders 90's in it.

the cut out rear tub was so that two 90's could be stacked (well, more like front wheels in the back of another... imagine 2 dogs mating... that sort of position! :D ) and these would fit into the "medium stressed pallet" and chucked out the back of a Herculese with some parachutes on.

can't remember the spec, but similar to the SAS DPV's... GPMG mounted on dash, several jerrycans, sometimes a husky winch. IIRC "they" asked for rear difflocks but were turned down due to cost and the thought that the difflock would get them into more trouble than actually help.

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