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Now own a defender

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Hi Poacher,

I had a 90TD that I ran for 10 years and over 70k miles before I swapped it out for a V8. She had done 155k miles when I removed it and apart from the usual consumables and two timing belts and two head overhauls she ran as good as when I purchased her. Yes they are down on power compared to a 200tdi and yes a lot of people seem to have trouble with them (as i am sure many will tell you here) but they are basically a good engine if you look after them. I changed the oil in her every 3k miles and found she would not burn any at all. Very little smoke on start up and apart from once, when the valve stem seals needed replacing, no smoking at all on a run. Off road she is fine, lots of low end torque and enough power for most situations. On the road 65-70mph is top whack as they do not take kindly to being thrashed, but it will sit there all day. Watch out for heavy breathing from the filler cap and ofc do something about removing the breather from the filer cap to the air filter to avoid replacing the air filter every 5 mins. There are a lot of articles on this forum about the engine and a lot of people Pooh Pooh them as being c**p rubbish etc. but a well looked after one represents good motoring both on and off road.

All that aside I would not go back to mine after fitting the V8.

Hope this helps a bit.



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Thanks for the info,

I went from a 300 disco to this & must say - I prefer this.

When I got it I adjusted the tappets - some were near enough a mm!!! Think I'm going to do the stem seals as it's a little smoky on start but once warm it's fine. It also has an annoying tap that increases under load, dies down when you raise your foot.

When it passes to engine heaven I'll be putting a 200 in or 300 if I can get it in.

Reason for getting a defender/90 - bodywork (not much you can do with a disco.

If any of you know Reeth & Fremington Edge - mine was the only disco to go over it & survive!!!

Would definately appreciated more pointers on this engine, never dealt with it much, mainly worked on 300tdi(for the past 10 years anyway).



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Certainly shall, at the weekend though, currently work 250 mile away from home :-(

I'll have to ask the missuss as it's her car (until I go out shooting in it that is).

Interested in the rerouting of the cap breather but the search facility brings nothing up, any pointers anyone?



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