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orange disco pick up....


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as the title says really..........

just wondering who owns the orange disco pick up thats on the challenge seen as id like to know if they have any build picks.



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Is it the 1 with the BIG front bumper. Had a write up in the comics last year. Can't remember his name but he makes rollcages and other stuff. Comes from Essex/Suffolk area IIRC.

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Hi Gelf,

it belongs to a guy who competes at my comps, hes down on the 16 Jun for the x-eng challenge at wellington if you PM me your number i can pass it onto him (afraid i am not prepared to give you his number in case he doesnt want the attention!)

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this one??


I think it was built by R.J Harvey (door sticker!) and belonged to Nick Field iirc

the nicest bobtail around in my opinion has to be this...


B) B) B)

it dose belong to nick feild and it is being broken in a few weeks

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