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defender bulkhead

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i have just bought a defender and the seller told me it had a new td5 bulkhead fitted this has no front vents in it the bulkhead is shaped for them but not cut out and also it has no brackets inside for the vent openers . 5 and it has vents and i have not seen another without them can anyone tell me what my bulkhead is off please

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Guest diesel_jim

I thought that the only defendres with no vents were the latest 2.4 offering.

unless your mate got hold of an unfinished buklhead... it went part way down the production line and didn't have the vents stamped out?

thinking about it... am i right in thinking that some early bulkheads from vehicles that had air conditioning didn't have the vents? or were they just plastic covers that went over the holes?

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Early AC bulkheads did not have vents, all the NAS 110's were done this way in order to use up all the supplies of old carp AC units on Americans! I dont know of any TD5's that lack vents...

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well when i look on the inside behind the plastic trim i cant see any welding being done to cover over the vents and there is no brackets for the vent openers but on the outside of the car you can see where the vents would be as they are resesed will try to put a pic on so you guys can see


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like these on this E reg 1987 model year 90


the part number of your new bulkhead could be MXC9012 upto chassis number LA939975 for rhd air cond fitted vehicles or or ALR5117 from MA939976 rhd, the black plastic ribbed vent covers are MTC6109 x 2 & should have 2 studs on the rear face to attach them to the bulkhead with appropriate nuts/washers on inside.

hth :D

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picture & part numbers added
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