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300 TDI gearbox drainplug


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:unsure: Has anyone got a simple way to remove the main gearbox drain plug ? I think mine must have been put in by Tarzan ! Despite using a long 32 mm ring spanner it just refuses to budge. The splined filler plug comes out as easily as anything , so at least I can refill it if can get the old oil out.


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Fit ring of spanner over drain plug hold onto plug with palm of hand then hit the other end of the spanner forwards with a hammer copper type best but any will do.

Use this method all the time on trucks and works a treat.


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:rolleyes: I think that a week walking in the lake District must have toned my muscles, or perhaps it was the Bluebird bitter taken in generous quantities. Got home from work today put the same spanner on the plug and out it came easy as anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jules :rolleyes:

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