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throttle disc/spindle - how much wear allowed ?


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I just disassembled a spare plenum chamber. Will clean it and use it with my recently rebuild block/engine.

After I took apart the throttle brackets and springs the throttle disc could be grasped and there was some wear to be felt, it´s hard to tell - think it was surely less than 0.5mm, maybe 0.25mm or anything like.

That led me to remove the spindle from the plenum and though the area where the spindle rotates in the bushes was looking very shiny, there could no step be felt with the finger. I therefore conclude that the spindle is fine and can be re-used until dino-fuel is finally out .. :)

I cannot tell anything about the wear in the bushes.

What do you think - can there be relevant wear when the spindle looks like that ? Should I renew the bushes - if so, do they have to be reamed out - and to what dimension ?

I would very much appreciate to hear from you that I shouldn´t be concerned, probably have overestimated the play of the throttle disc in the plenum and should put reasseble .. ;)

Thanks in advance !!


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