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O/T bath and west


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royal bath and west show- what with you being a northerner and all, i guess you don't know much about it.

it's one of the larger agricultural shows in the country and has all sorts of interesting things to look at- mostly quite yocally and country but it's alwyas worth a day out. You'll see more land rovers there than anywhere else in the world i reckon- all the farmers come of course.

They day kicks off tomorrrow at 6:30am with the judging of the goat milking. I'm not sure what they're going to judge, but i reckon it'll be funny.

anybody happen to know ticket prices this year?

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Jim you need to get out a bit more

what a load of carp


This forum is about "Getting out there" Victor. At least Jim is thinking about Landrovers... and goat milking.

Of course, you will be too busy getting that HOS ready for 7Sisters next month to be out and about much.


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Well went to B&W. Got my first sighting of a Ladoga t-shirt, modelled by our very own Pugwash. Had a chat with Jim and Kat for a while and agreed to meet up for a pint later in the day. Jim did say he had spent most of the morning in the food halls eating all the free samples ;) ;) . Beats buying lunch, tried a bison burger. Wonderful food all washed down with a nice pint of ale sat in the sun watching the horses.

Surprised to see most auto manufacturers but not LandRover. As it is basicaly a big posh farmers show.

Got sunburnt and Jim bailed out on the beer. Not sure if it was because he had to buy :o :o or that he needed to pop home to the chip shop to work.

All in was a good day and it after speaking to Jim, Jo has now decided that we should go to 7S. :D .

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Hey good news so see you at 7S Mark.

Jim - you win your class then?

Victor - hows the truck coming along? will it be ready for 7S this year?

Jim din't say, so i guess not

Victors truck ready ?? :lol::hysterical:

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