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Help needed with rangey 200tdi wiring


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Hi, does anyone have a wiring diagram for a '94 200tdi rangey that they wouldnt mind emailing me a copy of please? Specifically the starting system, with the wiring colours for the heat start system... Because the colours are completely different to both disco and 90/110... I have put the engine into my 90 but cant get the heat start to work properly.

Thanks in advance

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Which engine was originally in the 90 ?

if it was a 2.5TD you can use the 90's original engine harness.

It was a TD, but all the wiring has been butchered by a prevuious owner, so i used the engine harness from the rangie

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OK, it should be possible to ascertain which wires on the RR harness do the same job as the old TD harness, then the remaining wires will connect to the glowplug timer relay & main loom.

unfortunatly I don't have RR or Discovery 200Tdi wiring diagrams.

but this should help RR electrical diagrams from the Manuals section in our tech archive :D

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