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Battery - should it just sit there?

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Been reading a couple of threads on batteries and a bit puzzled. My battery just sits in the box under the passenger seat. All previous vehicles have had their batteries secured now I think about it.

That said I can see no obvious points within the battery box for securing the battery.

Should I be trying to fabricate something or is my setup OK.

Do not see it being a problem unless I tip over, but if I did then clearly having the battery dangling about is not clever.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated




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There should be slots in the floor as stated, the clamp is basically a bit of stud bar (probably M6 I think) with a hook bent into one end, this goes through the slots in the floor of the battery box and a metal bar goes across the top of the battery with a hole in each end, the stud bar goes through this and tightens down with a nut. If you can't get a proper one it would not take long to make!

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Thanks guys

Sounds like this needs to become the next job on the list. I suspect the rust fairy has had something to do with this in the past but there has not been a clamp there since I got it.

I had also wondered about adding another battery with a view to powering a fridge. It looks to me as though I would have to turn the battery through 90 degrees to get the two in. Presumably I would need to level off the floor of the box and how would this affect clamping down to the floor?

Best wishes


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Ralph and I were doing the recovery at Abingdon last [2006] year. 1 guy in a 90 kingcab had a battery straped down using metal builders band. The battery slipped forward and the positve terminal shorted out on to the band. Didn't half smoke as it discharged. Melted the top of the battery too. Lucky not to properly catch fire.

So make sure you bolt it down tight, and if possible cover the terminals with those rubber caps.

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