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ARB, Front locker

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G`day all, my front diff finally let go yesterday after a play in the desert, so I went and got myself an ARB centre to replace the carp that LR fitted.

My 110 only has 75 000kms on it, but I would like to replace both carrier and pinion bearings when they fit the ARB centre, I want to source all the parts myself instead of paying a premium by the crowd doing the job.

Does any one have a list of all the numbers of the bearing and pinion seal etc, and if at all possible the Timken numbers for the bearings to save going to LR.

I am paying for the centre to be built up and doing the rest myself, I tried to get a heavy duty hose to replace the STD ARB blue line, but had no luck getting one here, is it possible to fit it later or do you have to remove the centre again to fit a different fitting in the case.

I am also going to fit an on-board air set up to actuate the locker, and got a 70-100psi pressure switch from ARB, but they did`nt have any looms apart from the ones that come with the compressors. Do ARB sell a loom by itself or do you have to make your own, I would prefer an origional ARB one so as to be able to use all the origional plugs. ARB here in the UAE are a bit of a battle, there is a fair language barrier and the staff have know idea of what they are selling apart form what is listed and mentioned in the catalouge.

I had a look in the tech archive, but most of the links that come from Outerlimits seem to be dead.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Col

Devon 4x4 do ARB looms and heavy duty air lines. I can check stock tomorrow, buy and send on if you want.

Let me know if this helps.



Thanks Steve, I will check out their website at work today, thanks for the offer to send them on, but if they have everything I might try to get them to Fedex them out to save a bit of time, as I need to get my 110 back on the road ASAP as it is my daily driver, and is now sitting in pieces.

I don`t need the locking part up and running straight away but need to at least get the the diff back together.

Thanks Tony, I`ll try to check out the links tonight.

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Thanks Tony, I already have the RD56 sitting in my lounge room, the quote for building the centre up out here is about 80quid which does`nt sound to bad to me.

I had a look at the D4x4 site and they have the HD hoses as well (here), and it seems they go straight onto the existing adaptor which is good, as I can take my time getting these bits and pieces later, and concerntrate on getting back on the road and get the locker up and running in the next month or so.

I am heading back to OZ in about a month so I might even try to collect the hose and loom there.

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Ruslan, thanks for the link, its greatly appreciated, it even has the Timken bearing numbers etc, pity I went and brought the lot before hand.

I ended up getting LR bearing but had to get 1 Timken carrier bearing and it was about 1/2 the price of the LR bearing, same bearing number, just different box.

Tony, could you add this link to the archive please mate.

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