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Bluddy fault codes - too technical for me

Les Henson

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It's the injection control that is broken :ph34r:

Seriously though if it is a Testbook/T4/IDS does it give a list of possible causes? Or is it just a generic "code reader" you are using? Usually the proper article gives you a bit more information on the possible problem. I'm not familiar with the BMW motor but some engines around that time use an injector pump which seemingly does the main injector pumpy things by itself but the injection timing is modified by the ECU - the L series in the Freeloader works like this I think. So it will run without the electronics working properly but not very well - could be something like that. I'm afraid I know nowt about the engines as there is only one P38 RR here and I looked under the bonnet for the first time last week :unsure:

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