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Do you own a Hybrid?

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If so can you let me know how much the wheels/tyres stick out from the wing?

Ta :rolleyes:

depends on the size off tyres n offset

axles are the same width as a 90

have a look at a 90 without the arches on n that should give you a rough idea

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With Series II body, 7.50x16 and RRC steel wheels they are actualy just OK but with 8 spokes the offset is alot more and they need eyebrows.

Trouble is RRC steel wheels and 7.50s catch the hockey sticks so you really need the offset.

Series I will be worse for wheels sticking out due to the narrower body.

Actually I have both RRC steel and an 8 spoke on mine at the moment due to a flat. I can get a pic tonight of both.

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Series 1 body work. I run 7.50 Trac edge, and they are anice fit under standard defender eyebrows, nicely covered. But for trials, i'm running 7.50 Diamonds, on 8 Spokes, and the defender eyebrows don't completly cover, close enough IMHO. :huh:

Hope that helps :)


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My Hybrid - in members vehicles has defender front end and 109 rear tub, just to be different!!

You ought to be able to see how the disco steels on RRC axles fit in relation to the tub from the build pics.

Basically a defender plastic arch covered them ok.

Cant really say much more to help.

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Nope but I saw one a couple of years ago. Range Rover chassis and running gear.

Series three body. The wheels didn't stick out of the wheel arches. They weren't inside either. No defender eyebrows on either.


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Here are the pics of mine with 1 8 spoke and 3 RRC Steel wheels which gives a good comparision.

The eyebrows are not LR but the body line shows where the wheels are in comparision.

RR Classic Steel wheel ans 7.50 SAT


8 Spoke and 7.50 Xtra Grip copy


RR Classic Steel wheel ans 7.50 SAT


Hope this helps.

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Thought we'd done this one recently?

ALF has 90 / Rangie axles and Wolf rims - they are adaquately covered by Defender arches - reckon you could get away with standard steel wheel.

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Jos - who has just joined the forum has one try pming him as well.

I've got a 90 front end and SIII tub on a RR chassis & running gear, with 235/85 R16 General Grabber MTs on RR Classic alloys. I reckon the tyres stick out 2" to 2 1/2" from the wing but are comfortably covered by some eyebrows - the MOT man didn't mind the other day anyway... B)

Thanks James, I've corrected it...

Body is lifted approx 2".

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