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Found cheap welding gas

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As ever, I have nothing to do with this company, other that i'm a satisfied customer.

I went to the company below to have my 'pub co2' bottle refilled with argoshield (for £10) and found that they have started renting out proper bottles. When I compare them to BOC etc, I realised just how cheap they are. The prices are for either argoshield or pure argon, and are for 10 litre bottles. Deposit on bottle - £25.75, 3 year rental £38.99, each gas refil £22.50, and they are filled to 137 bar. The 5 litre bottle - the one that I went for, as it holds the same amount of gas as the pub type bottle (as the fill pressure is higher) costs £15.75 for the deposit, £29.50 for the 3 year rental and £12.50 for each refil.

They are on the road from Stroud to Nailsworth :

Maynards Ltd

Merretts Mill





01453 833185

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Just to bump this back tot he top. Was in this area yesterday so popped by and picked up a 10 litre bottle of argosheild. Prices are up a little since 2007 but still a very good deal and the place is a real gem. Proper motor engineers with all the stuff to skim, grind, bore and balance anything engine wise. Even has a rolling road there. And run by proper enthusiasts. Also large selection of used "proper" workshop tools like lathes, milling machines etc at sensible prices.

For the gas I paid £106 which includes Vat and is broken down as follows

£25 refundable deposit

£22.50 for the gas (plus vat)

£45 for 3 years bottle rental (plus vat)

So now will only need pay for refills for the next 3 years. Great if like me you are only an occasional welder.

The place is located HERE

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I live in Nailsworth (2 mins away) and would rather travel 40 min to South Cerney Engineering for a proper job, check the fill pressures of the cheap refills as alot of them are decants from larger bottles so you don,t get as much gas.

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