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what happens when


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you purchase a pile of c**p intended to intimidate people, then run into whatever-it-was that's bigger than you! :lol: :lol: :lol::D

not that a land rover's lid would necessarily hold up much better, although it prolly wouldn't be driven as nastily

[incidentally, look in other vehicles in the category, you may notice a person who has just noticed that time & energy spent upgrading old land rovers is better put into earning money then purchasing newer land rovers that have already got the necessary modifications]

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Me no understand, it's all in Frenchese :blink:

mostly in Eengleesh then

incidentally, 'tonneau' means 'complete wreck' as opposed to 'Epave' meaning simply 'wreck' as the mayor of my village said in his letter :lol: :lol: :lol: ; he referred to certain aging vehicles as 'ventouse' as well, as a synonym, that as far as I know translates more accurately as 'suction cup'; needless to say in my letter back to him I told him who was the true sucker purchasing new cars every 2 years :D :D :D

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