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Caster corrected swivel balls


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I'm in the process of planning purchase of parts to re-build front swivels. I will need new swivels as mine are pitted and visibly worn. Has anyone had any experiences with with use/installation of caster corrected swivel balls? Any recommendations regarding chromed or teflon coated swivel balls?

Any advice or tips regarding renewal of swivels are greatly appreciated.

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Only slot the bolt holes enough to correct the castor - a wheel alignment machine will tell you what the caster is now, from memory should be 3 deg. For good fatigue life, you want the bolt at the end of the slot, not in the middle.

Use a thick washer, about 4mm, under the bolt head.

If you can drill an extra bolt hole between the existing bolts - near the bottom is best. Later swivels have more bolts.

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