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Heat wrap for exhaust manifolds


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ebay-sellers offer some different heat wraps. Some white, grey,black, brown. Some called "ceramic" others "graphite", or others "thermoTec".

There are considerable differences in their prices - in ebay-Germany they vary from 5 to 50 pounds; and .. they all provide 10 to 15m of that stuff.

Is that due to any other reason than marketing ?

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thermo-tec is a brand name and is a woven silica.

It's my understanding that if you want to use a heat wrap on header pipes, Silica is the stuff to use. Other materials may not last, or ceramic based ones may retain too much heat, creating hotspots and killing your pipes, although this may just be marketing drivel.

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I use Themo Tec on my Hybred manifolds, the difference was very noticable.

Mainly the need to retune the carbs and change the air filter as the retained heat changes the exhuast gas performance.

Before using the wrap it did not need any chages but the engine bay heat has high.

One of the pipes just touches the chassis during use and the tape has worn through but it is still tight and not unwrapping.

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I have some that was on the SS exhaust I bought. It is 12 months old (about 6 months useage) and has become very brittle and just disintigrates if you rub or catch it. I assume it is the cheap stuff, so like you I would like to know the differences for when I replace it. I have seen some with metal reinforcing strands in it which I guess would hold it together a bit better.

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