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Waxoil into the bulkead

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Thinking of getting some waxoil into the top corners of my 300tdi 90 bulkead.

Has anyone tried drilling a hole from the inside and using one of those waxoil flexible adaptors nozzles to spray some in?

Or is there a better way?

Here is where I mean..post-288-1181422220_thumb.jpg



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take the top door hinge bolts out & move the hinge block away from the bulkhead [keep the door shut & don't use to much force when you put the bolts back afterwards] shove the tube in there, you should be able to guide it to the top, the bolts in your pic go through tube within a box section inside the bulkhead & where you propose to drill does too, [i found that out when doing repairs to my bulkhead] so shoving the tube into them will just put waxoyl outside all over the front wing, might also be possible to extract the rubber blanks [meant for LHD wipers] on below the screen & guide the tube in there too.

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Thanks for that.

When you take the hinge bolts out, do the nuts behind stay in place or is there a chance they will fall?


the bulkhead nuts are captive BUT the can & do breakout of their cages, so if that happens you'll have to cut or drill the bolt head off & replace the parts as required.

they slide in throught the rectangular hole & clip into place like this ----


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