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Door repair sections

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Hi Folks,

have been considering getting some door repair sections, for the frame of the door.

Just wondering how much of a pain it is to fit them. must be bette than the plating I done yesterday, took about four hours :blink:

Thanks in advance folks.

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Bit of a thread here on the subject


By the time you've peeled of the skin, cut off the rot and put new section in you're not going to

save much time over the 4 hours spent patching.

What you will get though is a far neater result.

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Guest diesel_jim

Bearmach also sell those repair sections, i had a couple for some rusty 90/110 split doors i wanted to fit.

was a bit of a faff as the upright sections also had a bit of rot in them, but with plenty of weld i managed to fill in the gaps then put about 8 layers of paint on it to "smooth" it over..... :ph34r:

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