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forward control rims

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Guest diesel_jim
One of the ex-MOD sites had some for sale recently - I can't remember which one though - sorry.

Sometimes come up on ebay too.

you thinking of Vass? they're jus the plain 127/130" ones.

good price though,

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you need to look at the rims centre , where it bolts to the hub. 2b rims are flatter here than 127 rims , the rims on e bay look pretty much like the latter.

i dont think it really matters too much which ones i get , they both are 6.5 and they both look quite beefy , its just that the 2b ones are better in the fact they are somewhat special in their rarity.

thers another interesting thread about them here.


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everyone with 6.5 rims are now calling them fc 2b rims.


even craddocks , who really should know better.


Nobber those rims on e-bay with the tyres on ARE fc 2B ones, cos I bought em, flat part of the rim measures about 3 1/4", they look HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUge, and riveted at the back of the rim centre. Tyres are like new, but a bit noised compared to avons, might swap tyres over!!! rims could do witha sand down and re paint but as the ad says they look the muts nuts. cheers

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Here's some pix. The pass-offs are the green and silver rims shown. 569203 is what you're all after, my 109 has tehm on as per pix. Careful, everyone says tehirs are one ton or 2B rims. Often they're not.

I put thsi up on other post... To confuse you, One of my 569203 rims is marked 569204 but is identical to the other 4. One is marked 569204 but has been stamped out with a line of XXXXX's over the no. error, and then stamp[ed 569203. Rest are stamped 569203!!! But thsi I reckon was a Friday afternoon set. Any part number, starting, ANR is the 130 part number. 569204 was fitted to one ton. I think 569204 has more offset than the 130 rim. Careful out there!






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Hell of athread revival, I apologise. Including my own post, much of the above info is confused or plain wrong. This subject and the confusion around  it gets duplicated. Where this subject crops-up,  I've put this same link up in other parts of this forum.

This gives the complete picture:


Edited by Martin Cooper
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