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Solid to Vented Front Disc Upgrade


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Hi all,

I'm in the process of upgrading my standard solid front rotors to the vented type but I've run into a stumbling block, hopefully someone here can help out.

I've sourced some caliper conversion bits directly off AP in the UK :) , but have lost contact with my (overworked, but extremely helpful) man on the inside after an unexpected career-direction-realignment. :(

So far I've been able to source the following components:-

  • Vented disc rotors - slotted (DBA)
  • Caliper spacers - 10mm (AP)
  • Caliper seal tubes - (AP)
  • Caliper bolts - 10mm longer (local bolt shop)

But I can't seem to find the following bits:-

  • Caliper seal "crush tubes" - ie the steel tubes that sit inside the caliper seals. My seals are short rubber tubes.
  • Pad retaining pins - ie. 10mm longer ones

I've got a heap of new standard caliper bolts, pad retaining pins, and pin clips that were sent to me in error, but am really struggling to locate the "upgrade" bits listed above locally. Seems that the vented front Disco brake is a rare thing in Oz...

My disco is a series 1 update (ie. single brake line to front calipers) if that makes a difference.

Also, can the pad-spreading coil springs be re-used (maybe stretched out a bit?) or should I be getting new, longer ones of these, too? :unsure:

Any help gratefully received from the green-oval gurus herein...

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The pad retaining pin kit for vented disc brakes, together with springs, is part# STC8575. You can find it everywhere, just do a search for the part#t. Example: http://www.paddockspares.com/pp/DISCOVERY_...nted_discs.html

I replace the pins and springs with every brake pad set. They're too cheap to worry about the old ones.

According to LR, the caliper is not a serviceable item, so I don't think you can find caliper bits so easy (apart from pistons, piston seals and caliper o-ring seals). You should try and get them from the same place you get the caliper spacers (AP).

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That's what I was afraid of. A good mate of mine has just returned to the old country after a few years downunder and is working near AP so I'll see if he can help out.

Still, glad to hear the longer pins are easy to source (and reasonably priced, too) :)

Thanks for the help.

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