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'photo' right place right time


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It looks like they were 'building' the crane at the time (adding or removing new segments in the tower to change the height) which is presumably why it was so unstable...

Glad no one was seriously hurt though - the people working in the block next door must have had quite a shock too...

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I have never seen a tower crane being assembled but I guess they jack the top section and then insert a short section. presumably the girder section that fell down afterwards was the piece thay were inserting to raise the height of the boom (or is it called another name in crane circles). So how do they support the cab the counterbalance and the boom lift it 10 / 20 / 30? feet and insert the new section? Hydraulic rams? another crane? Presumably from the accident this is a very tricky operation and can go wrong!

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I'm a site manager for jobs exactly like the one in the pic's and I am a CPCS crane Appointed Person and I had a tower crane on my site untill a few monthes ago. Thie crane in the pics was a self erector and somthing went wrong while riging as you can see.

Luck it was on a Saterday otherwise the office building that the counterweights went through would have been full of office staff.

My tower crane had a overall 100m jib and 25t counterweights on its jib and over 70t at its base.

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Same as happened in canary wharf a few years ago - there will be changes in tower crane erection implemented

Great link by the way unusal to see anything like that - the erectors and driver were very very lucky



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