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Weber 32/36 DGV tuning


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Hi, i am about to embark on the semi monumental task (for me anyways) of tuning my Weber 32/36 so it doesn't run rich. Right now its belching black smoke.

Do any of you out there run a Weber 32/36, and if so did you tune it at all or just use the settings out of the box. when i bought my carb i had it set up for high altitude, and if i am thinking correctly:

High altitude=less air, less air=less gas. So it should have been running lean? Anyways.....

If any of you are around sea level and are running a 32/36 and you know what your jet sizes are could you please "hook a brother up"? This should help give me some where better to start off from.

For those of you who know and may ask "stock or mod engine" here is what has been done:

2.5L cam, Header to glasspack exhaust, Pertronix ig, .060 over, K&N air filter.


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