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carb to efi conversion

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has any body got any idea on the wiring side

i have a 1990 110 v8 csw that i want to convert to efi and keep the carbs for my hybrid but im thick when it comes to wiring :huh: oh and are the efi heads different to the carb ones?

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Take a look on this site http://www.orrp.com/smf/index.php?board=11.0

This topic comes up all the time.

I converted my lightweight from 3.5 with twin SU's to 3.9 Efi and also my 130 in the same way from 3.5 su's to 4.6Efi.

Wiring wise it's not difficult so long as you have the complete loom from the donor vehicle. You'll also have to change the fuel pump over to a higher pressure one. Then there's the regulator, return line etc.....but as I said...not too much work really.

Yes the heads are different on Efi to the carbie ones. I beleive they can be modified by why bother unless you really know what you are doing.



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