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Front Props

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Not so sure James. Me and Steve had this chat the other day. The Disco engine seems to sit more or less in the same place as the 90 relative to front suspension but has a longer bell housing moving the gearbox back. I suspect the front prop on a Disco is a little bit longer than the 90 but am happy to be corrected.

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Cheers Mark for the info, you are right it doesn't fit.

Its too bloody short!

my old style range rover wide angle prop spline has gone so i recently refitted the std angle 90 prop that came on the vehicle (it uses the bigger UJs). After HBRO one of the UJs gave up. i had a disco front prop lying around so was looking for a quick fix whilst i sort a longer term proper fix!

Took the std one off and the disco one is way too short to fit.

Have currently got around the problem by fitting the rangie wide angle ends to the std 90 shaft, will see how long that lasts otherwise D4x4 will get a call!

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